H&G buys homes regardless of the condition of your home, Avoid agent commissions, closing costs, walk-troughs, open houses, uncertainties, or costly repairs. We buy homes in Baltimore and 40 miles outside it's radius no matter what your reasons for selling are:


Seller Finance

Most home owners are not familiar what seller finance entails. 

If you own a home free and clear then you have the option of becoming the bank and creating a loan agreement that you feel is a fair price and terms for purchasing your property. 

You create the interest rate and down payment amounts, H&G will highly consider what you lay on the table. 

 In most cases, the seller can earn a higher monthly income taking back financing than selling the property, paying the taxes, and putting the balance into a savings account. 

Some benefits for this option are: 

We can discuss this option with you further just go to the homepage and schedule a consultation with us.

Property Management Services

Maybe you want to hold on to your property for now and that's okay. 

Selecting our property management services will give you a hassle free way of managing your property. 

Collecting rent and scheduling evections can be a bit stressful and overwhelming.  

Here are just 8 benefits to hiring us as your property management: